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    1975 Bill and Hillary Clinton playing volleyball. - Via

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    What we liked:

    - Every use of technology. Every time a picture is enhanced, beards are added to police sketches, screenshots are actual polaroids of the tv, no one uses a mouse - they just type and computers do things and sometimes become sentient, and the utter fear of “computer viruses”

    - Scully’s baggy jackets and endless supply of Power-Suits. She is swallowed in fabric.

    - The beginnings of everything - introductions of characters we know are going to become important like The Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man.

    - Special effects hold up, we promise. They bend Vancouver into a lot of places, especially a pine-lined highway.

    - Basically, everything still holds up. This is not a chore and we’ve found things to like in every single episode, except for Shapes (the Native American werewolf episode).

    What we disliked:

    - Over reliance on ghosts on being the answer to everything. There’s endless paranormal topics, yet Season One loved to explain away everything on the dead. Beyond The Sea nailed it and the rest are just trying to remake that magic.

    - They are too stuck in the roles at this point. Scully sees far too many things to remain the staunch skeptic she appears to be this season. How many times can she fall down just as the alien is going to appear? She sees her dead father and holds an alien fetus, yet through short term amnesia or bad-writing continues to be the anti-Mulder until the last scene of the season finale.

    - Tooms is dead! (or is he?!…. no, he is.)

    Tooms is dead. But we are STILL WATCHING.


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    It all makes sense now.

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    Season 1 - Episode 19: Darkness Falls

    Z: This episode is actually pretty good, and it’s made particularly special by the appearance Mulder and Scully’s outdoorsy look.

    LL Bean Realness picture above.

    Mock Turtle Mulder, I’m talking to you. Hey girl.

    Also Lost’s Man in Black is an Eco Terrorist. Perfect.

    B: The second half of this episode is pretty good, with our heroes trapped out in the wilderness with a few one-off characters like a tough as nails Ranger and very 90’s “Eco-terrorist.” In the beginning, when Mulder says they are heading to the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Scully asks “Are we chasing Bigfoot?” and Mulder laughs and says no that’s crazy, we are chasing prehistoric glow-bugs. What was wrong with Bigfoot? I don’t even think the X-Files did Big Foot did they?

    Z: They must.

    B: I don’t know, we’ll find out! They should have, but I guess a realistic ape suit would have cost more than a bunch of green specs added in post. Which is what we are supposed to be afraid of, even if they look like every one is swatting at nothing, because they were.

    Z: My favorite part was when Brandon turned to me at the end and said, “I think this went a little too far- they should have had a break from work for months after this.” Because Mulder and Scully literally ALMOST DIE. They are cocooned and it ends with Scully STILL IN A COMA.

    B: A coma.

    Z: A coma!!

    One day, I hope to wallpaper a guest bathroom in this photo of Mulder in a mock turtleneck.